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Vocal Ranges

Below are descriptions of vocal ranges to help you identify your own. Remember, every voice is different. Find a key to sing in that is comfortable for you, and allow your range to expand a little at a time. Note: ‘Timbre’ is a term used by musicians to refer to the quality of the singer’s tone.

Common Voices Description Timbre Vocal Range
Soprano High female voice Bright, clear and free G below middle C to anywhere above high C
Mezzo Soprano Middle female voice Thick and rich E below middle C to at least high C
Alto or Contralto Low female voice Deep and chesty D below middle C
Tenor High male voice Light, colourful, and flexible B an octave below middle C, and up to high C or D (or above)
Baritone Middle male voice Thick, rich, and creamy G or F an octave below middle C, to F or G above middle C
Bass Low male voice Dark, heavy, and voluminous E (or lower) an octave below middle C, to E or F above middle C
Other Voices Description
Coloratura A singer, usually soprano, who sings ornamental passages in music
Countertenor The highest male voice, also called alto, which is often falsetto
Bass Baritone A male voice that sound more like a bass than a baritone, without the low bass notes
Basso Cantante A high bass voice suitable for solo singing
Basso Profundo A deep bass voice having a compass of about two octaves above C below the bass staff
Heldentenor A tenor with a powerful dramatic voice well suited to heroic roles

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Singing Tips....Vocal preparation

Vocal Preparation Prior to Singing

Please follow these steps prior to singing (unless advised otherwise by your doctor):

• Don't eat chips, nuts or crunchy food items 2 hours before singing as it can lodge in the throat.

• Don't consume cream, ice-cream or cheese 2 hours before singing as it can block the throat.

• Do drink plenty of room temperature water 2 hours before singing to lubricate the throat.

What should I do before I begin to sing?

• Clear all passages such as nasal, throat, bladder and bowels.

• Use a throat gargle such as Betadine (throat iodine) regularly each week. A throat gargle will clear any congested throat areas. I find Listerine too strong and don’t recommend it; if you must use a supermarket variety and dilute it well. Check with the manufacturer if you have any doubts or questions about the product’s drying effects on a singer’s voice.

• Drink a glass of room temperature water or a lukewarm fruit tea to lubricate the throat before you commence singing. Drinks should never be sparkling, hot or with ice.

• Do slow shoulder rolls making sure the elbows are slightly bent and resting beside your hips. Do gentle body stretches with knees slightly bent, bending gently without force.

• Check that you are not in a draught or near a fan as this can affect your throat and health during and after singing practice.

• Check you have all necessary sheet music, lyrics and equipment organised, check your backing recording is on the correct track (song) and your microphone and song are at the correct volume levels before you commence singing.

• Take a moment to focus on your song; remind yourself where any difficult areas may be and how you should sing it (its personality, vocal changes or words).

• Make sure you have good posture by resting your weight evenly on each leg; your back should be supported, not stiff and not leaning forward. To get correct posture, roll your shoulders up to your ears, and then lower them.

• Prepare for the music to begin with your eyes in view of the lyrics or audience. Take your breath gently through the mouth allowing at least 3 counts (or beats) before the first word of the song to get a full breath. Don’t force air through your mouth cavity, draw it back gently and make sure your mouth has enough opening to get a clear entry without your teeth obstructing it. all of SUARA club member, please practice the advise...especially to the soloists

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Sejarah Penubuhan UniKL SUARA Group

Assalamualaikum w.b.t & salam sejahtera....

Di ruangan ini saya akan ceritakan serba sedikit tentang sejarah penubuhan SUARA Group. Nama asal kelab ini ialah Kelab Koir UniKL. Ditubuhkan pada julai 2006. Tujuan penubuhan kelab ini adalah untuk melatih pelajar-pelajar UniKL Kampus Kota, membuat persembahan semasa Majlis Konvokesyen UniKL. Pada awal penubuhan seramai lebih 30 orang pelajar telah di pilih untuk menjayakan pasukan koir ini. Buat pengetahun semua, lagu kebanggaan UniKL iaitu Nakhoda Kemajuan telah dinyanyikan buat pertama kali nya oleh Kelab Koir UniKL pada Majlis Konvokesyen UniKL Ke-3. Setelah berakhirnya, Majlis Konvokesyen, didapati tiada sebarang kemaskini tentang aktiviti kelab, atas initiatif sendiri saudara sahimi dan saudara sahidan, telah berbincang untuk memberi nafas baru kepada kumpulan koir UniKL. Berbekalkan keazaman yang tinggi, untuk persembahan Majlis Konvokesyen UniKL ke-4, beberapa orang ahli kelab telah diberi kepercayaan untuk melakukan persembahan solo diiringi koir UniKL. Antara yang terlibat ketika itu adalah Diyana yang berjaya memukau penonton dengan kemerduan suaranya menerusi lagu Kurik Kundi. Seterusnya nana dengan kelantangan suara menerusi lagu Standing In The Eyes of The World berjaya meberi kesan kepada hati penonton, Syafiq dengan melankolik suara menerusi lagu One Voice dan Emie dengan kelincahan dan suara serak basahnya menerusi lagu Gadis Melayu. Dengan persembahan tersebut, kelab koir telah berjaya membuktikan kepada semua bahawa, kehadiran mereka bukan lah sekadar untuk koir teapi berjaya melahirkan bakat2 baru untuk solo. Setelah berjaya untuk Majlis Kovokesyen Ke-4, ahli tertinggi kelab telah mengadakan mesyuarat untuk menukar nama Kelab Koir UniKL kepada UniKL SUARA Group. Banyak jemputan menerusi persembahan solo diterima, antaranya adalah MOHEX anjuran Kementerian Pelajaran Tinggi, JERIT 07 anjuran JPM Seni Kebudayaan etc. Untuk Kali ke-3, UniKL SUARA Group telah diberi kepercayaan untuk membuat persembahan bagi Majlis Konvokesyen UniKL Ke-5 termasuk penyanyi solo.

Welcome to UniKL SUARA Group Blog


Ini adalah blog rasmi UniKL SUARA Group. Setelah hampir 3 tahun penubuhan SUARA Group atau nama asalnya Kelab Koir UniKL, tiada sebarang medium hebahan yang rasmi bagi mengemaskini segala aktiviti yang telah dilakukan oleh ahli kelab samada koir ataupun solo. Dengan kewujudan blog ini, diharapkan agar sedikit sebanyak segala maklumat tentang aktiviti kelab akan di kemaskini selalu. Gambar di kanan ini adalah persembahan untuk Majlis Konvokesyen Ke-5 Universiti Kuala Lumpur, dan buat pengetahuan semua, kumpulan koir kali ini adalah batch yang ke-3